Vegan Angled Liner/Brow Brush White & Rose Gold

Vegan Angled Liner/Brow Brush White & Rose Gold

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This unique brush has multiple uses.  The angled tip creates the perfect edge to define, shape and sculpt brows. Use to apply eyeliner along the lash line and turn the angle of the brush to create the perfect cat eye flick.


5 Reasons to use Synthetic Make-up Brushes:

1) Synthetic brushes are better suited for people with sensitive skin as some people are allergic to animal hair.

2) Synthetic brushes are a great option for people who are vegan friendly as no animal hair is used.

3) Synthetic brushes are great for creating a layered look and help to provide a soft looking make-up finish.

4) Synthetic brushes are easy to keep clean as they do not absorb and trap make-up like natural brushes may do.

5) High quality nylon hair feels irresistibly soft.